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Modern Leadership

Welcome to Modern Leadership where we see things differently. If you've ever wondered how some entrepreneurs seem to get more done with less effort, create a massive amount of influence, or excel in multiple areas without having to sacrifice what's most important, it has nothing to do with them being special unicorns. They just look at things differently. Our goal is to help you see things through your Modern Leader lens. When you do that, it will change not only how you see the world, but how the world sees you. If it's time to get started, dive in. Thanks for being here. It's time to reach your full potential!

Recent Episodes

The Resilient Entrepreneur: Building Mental Toughness for Business Success

June 5, 2023

Have you ever heard of the 75 HARD? It's a vigorous physical training program designed by Andy Frisella that helps build mental toughness. I've personally done it three times, and every time I have come out stronger on the o…

5 Mindset Shifts to Avoid Starting Over and Keep Moving Forward

June 1, 2023

How many times have you "started over", feeling like you're all the way at the beginning and starting from scratch? How does that FEEL in your body when you even think about starting over? Terrible, right? So let's get out f…

The Most Powerful (and Humiliating) Business Question Alex Hormozi Asked Me

May 29, 2023

Last week I was watching one of Alex Hormozi's videos inside of a program I had paid for, where he shared one of the most powerful (but also most humiliating) business questions that we all need to ask ourselves daily. Basic…

From Blank Page to Great Content: How ChatGPT Can Help You Overcome Writer's Block and Create Compelling Podcast or YouTube Topics

May 25, 2023

Have you ever wanted to come up with podcast or YouTube video topics that will compel people to watch and listen, but when you get started... you realize you're just staring at a blank screen wondering when creativity with s…

The Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Build a Business on Their Terms

May 22, 2023

Building a business can be hard, but I've found most of us actually make it harder. I wanted to build a business on MY terms... but before I knew what was happening I started to think that in order to succeed I either needed…

Leading by Example: The Impact of Authentic Leadership for Entrepreneurs

May 18, 2023

The best way we can lead others is by leading by example. In our programs, we call it Modeling... Which is 1 of the 4 M's of influence that we teach. But it's such an easy thing to overlook. Often times I've tried to control…