June 16, 2016

FRF 016 : How To Get Your Significant Other Involved In Health & Fitness With You

Learn what you should and shouldn't do to get the ones you love healthy

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Today the show is visited by my wife, Teresa. She has been a law enforcement wife for 11 years, and has a few things she'd like to share with the team. I know when I first got started with my fitness, I wanted to "Push" her to join with me. That never worked.

In today's episode, I decided to ask her a series of questions to find out why this time, it finally stuck and she has remained consistent enough to see and feel some dramatic changes. I think I learned more about it than you guys will.

This episode won't only help out first responders, but it's an episode you should share with your wife.

In this episode Teresa talks about how to connect with her. You can do so by visiting teresahildebrand.com/foodguide and signing up for her free food guide. You'll get a free food guide and a way to connect with Teresa via email or Facebook.

Thanks for listening, don't forget to leave me a few ratings and reviews if you dig this show!

Stay safe.


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Regardless if you do or not, know that this has nothing to do with you as a human.  It's just a skill you haven't developed yet.

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