Nov. 17, 2016

FRF 060 : Substitute, Don't Eliminate

It's not about depriving yourself

Today, I want to give you some ideas of the things you can substitute, instead of eliminate. Below, is the list I went over during the podcast:

Starting off with bread and tortillas.
White > > Wheat bread > > Sprouted Wheat or other sprouted grains - Ezekiel Bread
Artificial sweeteners Equal, Sweet N Low, Truvia > > Real Sweeteners (Grade B Maple Syrup, Organic Honey, Agave, and Sweatleaf Stevia)
Pancakes > > Cereal > > Oats with fruit or my Nutritional Shake
I sometimes eat pancakes or french toast, but I make them much healthier than before.
Myoplex > > Isopure > > Whey protein > > Nutrition shake
Regular cow's milk > > Nut or coconut milk  (Lots of people have intolerance or allergies they don't know exist)
Cheese burgers > > Sandwich with lunch meats > > salads and veggies
Boxed Snacks or crackers > > Made from scratch crackers > > fruits, nuts, yogurt, celery/apple and PB, veggies and hummus
Frozen Dinners > > Store Prepared Foods > > Made from scratch
Red Meat > > For more chicken, fish, or veggies higher in protein
Cheese > > I have YET to find a replacement
My last tip!
Learn how to create things you absolutely can't do without, at home, using better quality ingredients.
Burgers > > Chicken burgers, Veggie Burgers, black bean burgers, quinoa burgers, turkey burgers
Hope this helps! If it does, shoot me a ratings on iTunes.

I appreciate you, stay safe out there.


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