Sept. 19, 2022

How To Lead Your Family When The Skills You Learned In Other Areas Of Life Are Not Working

"I'm not a suspect!"

Have you ever heard that, or something similar when your family is frustrated because you're trying to lead at home with skills you developed at work or in your business?

That's because those skills don't transfer from one place to another!

What most of us do in the beginning, is we develop skills at work, and automatically transfer them to home without even knowing it.

Then we wonder why they aren't working, why we feel disconnected at home, and we really have no other alternative to try.

So we keep "forcing it" and that just creates even more disconnection.

That's why thinking the same skills that work with leading professionally will help at home, is the worst way to lead your family while creating the connection and memories you truly want to create.

And that is why I spent today's podcast talking about some of the things you must know before leading people at home!

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Above all, stay safe and healthy out there, and keep leading from the front!