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1 on 1 Coaching


I'd like to introduce you to the Elite Mastermind team, by starting off with why this was created.

(and if you have NOT seen the video about our mastermind squad, you must watch that first.  The video can be found HERE.)

How did this happen?

After struggling with my own mental and physical health, connecting deeper with my family, letting anger get the best of me, and blaming outside circumstances for where I was both on and off the job, I first started working on myself.

Over the last 10 years I've learned a lot of things that have worked, but even more that have not.

Which resulted in wasted time, energy, and money.

I want you to avoid that at all costs.

I've spent the last 6 years participating in mastermind teams using these same tactics to not only keep growing myself, but also help other LEOs and First Responders make those changes too.

And it's been nothing short of mind blowing.

It was at that point that I created my own mastermind team where I've helped many others do the same.

I personally went pretty far by utilizing mastermind teams, but there was still one more thing that I fully committed to that helped me personalize a lot of the things I do today around my career, family, and physical and mental health...  which in turn helped me take both my personal and professional life to an even higher level.

That was personal 1:1 coaching with a mentor.

Doing so has helped me create a personalized system to break through even more barriers, and I'm not stopping there.

Since, I've spent even more time working 1:1 with other mentors but I have never offered that in my business even though many people asked for it.

Until today.

Now this level of coaching is not for everyone, and I'm only opening it up for 3 people willing to make a 6 month commitment.

One of those 3 spot might be for you, so keep reading if you're getting that pull.

What kind of results will this program get you?

Before we get into the details of the group, one of the things I want to answer for you is this question.

What kind of results should you expect?

In short....

I will help you create a personalized system to break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers so you can generate the energy to own your health, connect with your family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of your career.

What kind of problems will that help you overcome?

Here are just a few things that this has personally helped me overcome, as well as many others on our team.

Feeling exhausted all the time so I don't have energy to exercise, prepare food in advance or spend quality time with my family at EOW.

Lack of motivation and consistency towards my goals which prevented me from achieving what was truly possible.

Role modeling the wrong behavior for my children, partners, and those I have influence over.

Not finding healthy ways of reducing stress which turned into anger and frustration both at home and on the job.

Not practicing intentionality which gave me the false assumption that I was being a supportive/connected spouse/parent when I was merely just sitting in the room with them. 

Lack of confidence which affected all areas of my life.

Getting burned out - Feeling like I was working myself to the ground without getting any rewards or results for it.

Blaming my career and circumstances for where I was in life.

Any of those hit home?

That's what this 1:1 opportunity will give you.

What's included to make that happen?

We will create a personalized plan depending on what you personally want to achieve over the next 6 months.

After our first call you will have a personalized tracker that will get you there.

You will have two 45 minute 1:1 sessions/calls per month, on either Friday's, Saturdays or Sundays...  Either the first and third day of the month, or the second and fourth.

This is for any struggles that pop up, to keep you making progress, as well as making adjustments and learning new things to speed up the process along the way so you don't plateau.

I will be leading you through the session as well as the goal setting, and we will create a simple plan for you to track along with individualized training for your specific needs and struggles.

This WILL NOT be a 1 size fit all program, and you DO NOT have to prepare for the call.  I will bring the structure.

Our calls will be recorded for you to review, along with an email I will send you after every call to break down some of the rough notes from the session.

You'll be able to review those emails and videos and have a daily reminder of what to focus on.

Once again, you do not need to prepare for anything before the call, I will take care of all of the structure.

(I hate when coaches expect others to put in the work before the session to figure out what to talk about)

You can bring an idea or concept if you need coaching around it, but you are not required to.

For the bi-weekly Zoom calls, you need to be in a quiet location, free from distractions, and ready to grow.

24 hour advanced cancellation will allow you to reschedule your call.

You will also have FULL access to our larger mastermind team, calls and video resource library for you to continue to grow outside of those bi-weekly calls, which is a $200 monthly value.

You will have access to a much smaller 1:1 ELITE Mastermind team community, as well as the larger mastermind squad community.

You will have access to me inside our APP for any mid call advice and check ins.

There will be a 6 month minimum time commitment if you join us in this 1:1 program

Also along with this option is a year long fitness and food plan based off your fitness level. 

This will be delivered through a system that I currently still use, that has helped me lose 100 pounds and keep it off for 9 years despite the chaos that happens both at work and home.

What's the investment?

Either $8000 for 6 months (Save $1000) or $1500 a month for 6 months.

6 month minimum

Pre-requisite - Get on a short 10 minute call with me to determine if you qualify for one of the spots.

Before you sign up, connect with me personally to schedule a call. 

You can contact me at and let me know you'd like to schedule an appointment to talk about the 1:1 Elite Mastermind team.

And if you qualify, we will work out the date/times for our calls.

Who I am looking for?

I am looking for someone who is going to take massive action.

Someone who wants a personalized system to plug into that will get them the results they've always wanted, but also help them break through barriers that have held them back in the past.

Someone who is ready to bring your A game, since that's what I will be doing for you.

Someone who is ready to take extreme ownership over your actions, I can not do this for you.

Only YOU can control what actions you take based off of what we discuss.

And I am looking for someone who is going to show up and be ready to learn and get uncomfortable.

Who am I NOT looking for?

People who aren't willing to get uncomfortable to grow.

People who don't value connection with their family.

People who don't like to be called out and are afraid of failure.

My Qualifications:

I am a current LEO with 18 years on, Sergeant for LAPD, married for 16 years, two children ages 11 and 12.

I've personally gone through a 100 pound personal weight loss journey.

I've coached thousands of first responders on weight loss, muscle gain, as well as performance improvements for work and at home.

I have a fitness certification through NASM, a nutrition coach certification through Precision Nutrition, and am a certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School.

I also created an online business 10 years ago and have spent the last 5 years coaching other business owners and entrepreneurs around expanding their businesses, engaging with their people, and converting them into life long customers so they can serve them at a high level without pulling from their personal lives.

I've personally struggled through an autoimmune disease, working a crazy career, and managing my time and excuses, and have taken on what I call a PUSH coach mentality because my gift is to get people to show up for what's important in their lives now.

Most importantly, I've helped my people break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers that prevented them in the past from getting into incredible shape, making a deep and impactful connection with their families, and change the trajectory of their careers.

My family is now my priority, and it does not have to come at a cost of my career or my health.... EVER.

All of this training and experiences I have gone through, I believe was done to help YOU with where you're at right now.

Never before have I been able to give people this level of 1:1 access.

If you're feeling compelled to take your life to the next level, send me an email to schedule a quick 10 minute call to see if this is a good fit for us both.

And be prepared to see exponential results.

Reach out to me at and let's schedule a quick call to see if you qualify.

Above all stay safe out there, thanks for reading.