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22 Minute Hard Corps

If you're looking for a way to get into academy shape, or you're looking to get back to there, look no more. This program reminded me of drills throughout the academy, and even though I didn't love it in the moment, boy did it get me into shape quickly.

Now you're not getting yelled at, but you are being pushed to YOUR next level.  I think the best part of this program is it's length.  The resistance days are 22 minutes long, and the cardio days are 32 minutes long (you add in a 10 minute core workout).

The cardio days require zero equipment, and the resistance routines require a sand bag or a weight, and either a pull up bar or a resistance band.  And don't worry if you'd rather exercise at a gym, you can live stream the program for a full year when you join the team.

For those of you who are military, police or fire, this will fit in perfectly with your busy and unpredictable career... And this style of workout is not just to make us more comfortable to take our shirts off in public, but will get us ready for the fight for our life.

It's time to train for that today, 22 Minute Hard Corps will get you where you need to be.

The details and video of the program are below. If this is the program you'd like to go with, shoot us an email and we will explain how to complete the process and become a free member of our First Responder Family Team and we will get you inside our APP today.  Our next support group is starting soon, let's get you started ASAP.

It's time to GET SOME!

Marc & Teresa

Spend 22 minutes a day with Tony Horton, and you'll walk away with Salute-Worthy Results. In 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS, legendary trainer Tony Horton creates a challenging but simple-to-follow workout program inspired by training techniques used by the military. Each workout is a quick and intense total- body drill designed to get you "boot camp fit" in just 8 weeks.


Whats The Next Step?

Connect with your coach, because there are options available to you depending on what package you choose to select.

(I would HIGHLY recommend the MEGA PACK, that's what we purchased, as well as most of our teammates who want the best results possible.  This would include both Shakeology for your superfoods and quick hit of vegetables, as well as Energize and Recover, which will help you perform during and after your workout on a whole different level.  This is the way to do it.  If you're ready to push your body like an athlete, you've got to have a way to recover like one.   This is it.)

Side note: You must order from your coach, or the community will not be an option for you, and that's the most important piece of all (and costs you ZERO extra!).

Any questions, hit up your coach wherever they connected with you at, or connect with marc at