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If you're ready to accept a workout challenge, then you've come to the right place.   Whether you do what we do, by completing the 100 workouts one after another, or you split it up into a longer period of time, it's time for you to commit to getting it done!  If you're ready to prove just what you're capable of, then this is the program for you.  Check out the video and details below.



What is Morning Meltdown 100?

Morning Meltdown 100 is a high-energy, fast-paced, and fierce fitness program designed to be completed first thing in the morning. Commit to 100 workouts, and Beachbody Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews will get you fired up to build strength and melt away fat. These are high-intensity cardio and resistance-training workouts that will blast your total body, while a live DJ keeps the energy high so you’re motivated to burn off the pounds. The goal: complete 100 workouts and unlock the best version of you.

What makes it unique?

This is the first program designed to be done in the morning. When you wake up and commit to giving Jericho everything you’ve got, you’ll go into the rest of your day energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. This is an intermediate-to-advanced program that features 100 workouts broken into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. In each phase, you’ll do a 10-workout cycle of 20- to 30-minute workouts, and then heat up the intensity and repeat those 10 with added 100-second challenges—all designed to give you a solid rotation of cardio, resistance, and mind/body training. However you want to complete your 100 workouts is really up to you. Jericho has included recovery days along the way to give your body some TLC, so if you miss a day or want to plan for a day off you can stack that day’s workout with the next. The program outlines exactly how to do that. The most important takeaway is that you make a commitment to every single morning workout. Morning Meltdown 100 also features music mixed live by DJ Jesse Blake, who ramps the beats to speed up moves, adding intensity and excitement. It’ll make your workout feel like a party and give you the motivation you need to keep going.

How is nutrition integrated into Morning Meltdown 100?

The Nutrition Guide has targeted, custom eating plans, and recipes tailor-made for this program. For 100 workouts, Jericho will be pushing you hard, and expecting you to give her everything you’ve got, so it’s important to keep your nutrition on point. To help you elevate your nutrition to meet the challenges of your Morning Meltdown 100 journey and beyond, the Nutrition Guide shows you how to integrate Shakeology as part of your daily routine—it’s a critical part to help you maximize your success and maintaining it. Meticulously made with globally sourced superfood ingredients, Shakeology can help reduce hunger and food cravings, while giving your body the proteins it craves to help maintain your overall optimal health.* Plus, the guide outlines how Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover supplements can help boost your overall results. To make the most of your results, the guide shows you how important it is to pair each workout with the one-two punch of pre-workout Energize and post-workout Recover. Energize can help give you the energy and endurance you need to power through your workouts, while Recover helps you make the most of your time after your workouts by speeding muscle recovery and combating soreness.

There are several different options, if you'd like to go with just the Shakeology, or incorporate everything like Marc and Teresa do, by getting Shakeology AND the performance supplements to take your results to the next level.  Reach out to them to get their advice on which pack to go with, depending on how fast you'd like results to arrive.

What equipment is needed?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. A workout mat is optional.

Last piece.  A sample workout is below for you to see an example of how the workout will be.  Check it out, and then commit to 100!


Whats The Next Step?

Connect with your coach, because there are a lot of options available to you depending on what package you choose to select.

(I would HIGHLY recommend the MEGA PACK, that's what we purchased, as well as most of our teammates who want the best results possible.  This would include both Shakeology for your superfoods and quick hit of vegetables, as well as Energize and Recover, which will help you perform during and after your workout on a whole different level.  This is the way to do it.  If you're ready to push your body like an athlete, you've got to have a way to recover like one.   This is it.)

Side note: You must order from your coach, or the community will not be an option for you, and that's the most important piece of all (and costs you ZERO extra!).

Any questions, hit up your coach wherever they connected with you at, or connect with marc at