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Love the perspective

Changing the way I think to get results has effected every facet of my life. So appreciate Marc’s knowledge.


Love listening. Great material for me as a leader In healthcare

Episode on Self-sabotage was everything!!!

Great information and motivation. Mindset is the foundation to lasting change! Appreciate the knowledge!

Take action

I was introduced to Marc yesterday during a webinar that focused on Officer fitness. What he delivered was much more that I expected. This morning while drinking my morning coffee, I listened to a podcast episode and took away an action step that I am going to implement with my leadership team. I truly think that this step will change the dynamics of how my team relates to each other and leads the Officers in our Police Department. It’s clear to me that Marc brings his best because he believes in his mission to help first responders develop leadership skills, connect with their family in a more meaningful way, and improve themselves physically and mentally. Thanks Marc! Iron sharpens iron!

Good stuff

Positive, upbeat, motivating, and informative!

Awesome Podcast

Hi Marc, Your podcast is so inspiring and energetic! You are an amazing speaker! I get so pumped when I hear you speak about health /fitness for the body and mind. Your guest speaker was also inspiring simply because I can relate to her being a LEO wife for so many years before retirement. I’ll have to agree with her that one of the things that I wished I knew as my fiancé ,at the time, was entering the Department was the comradery within. I quickly learned about this connection within the rank and file and unfortunately took 20 years to find out about the Wives support group. Believe me, as a wife of a LEO , you need to hear from other wives with the same trials and obstacles you face with your life. The last 13 years while my hubby was still on the job I tried to reach out and mentor as many new Wives as possible. Anyway, I’m getting way off topic. Please know that you are doing great at least from what I’ve heard so far. Keep it up. Stay well and stay safe.. Elizabeth

Great motivational podcast

All first responders should listen to this podcast. Great guests and every motivational. Thank you Marc.

Emotional Matrix

Outstanding possible cast another great guest !! Keep them coming. Marc !!!

Great podcast

Marc is very knowledgeable & professional. This podcast is so great for first responders & the rest of us other fellow human beings too!

Baby EMT in training

I’m two weeks into EMT training and I’m so excited and also intimidated AF!! Be prepping for this for a few Months and I’m so glad I found this podcast . Would love to connect more with this group . Thanks for putting these out for us !!

Great Podcast

Coach Marc definitely knows his stuff! I’d absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in the field of fitness/nutrition especially if you’re a first responder.

Awesome and very informative

I enjoy the structured format of the program. Host obviously tries hard to be efficient and organized with everything in his life. Very motivating!!!

Amazing resource keep up the great work!

Heard about you and your resources including this podcast on Watch Your Six podcast. Since then I have subscribed to this podcast and have been binge listening ever since! You have great resources and my wife and I (both first responders) love hearing your message in each episode. Perfect length too with great info. Keep up the great work!

First responder fitness

Great podcast! I listen to it every morning and it's it's just the right motivation I need. Marc has created a podcast that tends to the needs of first responders specifically law enforcement. I believe he's just the right coach I need to succeed in my fitness goals.

I absolutely love this podcast. As an LEO we live a different life than most and getting health and fitness advice from another LEO is very helpful!! He knows what we are going through and follows through in his own life.


Down and dirty. Quick and simple. Great advice from someone who really cares about first responders and their health. Thanks Marc!!!

Excellent podcast

Marc has done his homework and provides excellent information on fitness, nutrition, and other related topics. This podcast is definitely worth your time!


Really enjoying these podcasts. They are about the perfect length for a short commute or drive to the gym. Really motivating and alot of really good information. I also like that Marc understands the issues (health and lifestyle) that first responders face.

Great Information!

Coach Mark is great. Listening to the podcast has been great and giving great information to make a big difference in fitness. I currently am a paramedic-firefighter and looking into LEO. this has been a great way to get me back on the right path.

Good stuff

I have been listening to these podcasts and following Marc's posts on Facebook for a couple weeks now, and I have to say that I am very impressed. The information he provides in the quick podcasts is top notch, and he has experience doing things the hard way from a law enforcement perspective of trying to get healthy. The only real complaint I have (and it's pretty minor) is that he either speeds up his podcasts or he just talks really fast. The videos I've seen of him don't reflect the same speed of speech, so this may be a tactic to reduce the length of each podcast. Either way, I fully plan on continuing to listen and follow Marc and I look forward to each episode.

Great information!

Marc does a great job breaking things down. Speaks clear as well! Will listen to more!

Great for first responders!

One of the only Podcasts I listen to. Appreciate your wise words and help, Mark. Keep doing what you're doing.

Life changing

Not only are his podcasts invigorating but his voice is soothing yet inspiring. Coach Marc has outdone himself yet again. Thanks Coach Marc!!!

Finally, someone who understands our reality

So many fitness suggestions have no application to first responders because they rely on a schedule that provides time for routine, meal prep, etc. Marc understands there is nothing routine about our lives and provides fitness advice we can actually use. This has been needed for a long time. Great job Marc!!!


Coach Marc is the best. I was able to lose 40 lbs with him in 12 weeks and have now kept it off for a little better then a year this guy is the real deal.


If u are looking for great example and help getting started on the health track this is the Man U need to see. He is a great leader and someone that anytime of the day u can ask a question he is going to help u. Please see him to get your life back on track.

Very informative!

These podcasts give awesome information on several different topics that should be used to teach and live by. I have learned things I wasn't aware of which have been a great help in helping me attain my goals. Thanks to Coach Marc!!

Coach Marc Hildebrand=a great inspiration

I teamed up with my husband on January 4, 2016 to get healthy. We both have been truly inspired by Marc. Everything he does as a coach is so helpful, the podcasts, videos, messages and replies on our team page are real motivators! I've always been on and off the healthy bandwagon, but I feel this time is much different. With Marc's help, I feel like my view on being healthy and getting exercise had forever changed! Thanks Marc!!


He knows what he's talking about. Has a ton of great information and is more than will to help anyone who will give him their time. I'm glad I came across this program!

First Responder Fitness

I am really enjoying your podcasts so far. I love how it relates to law enforcement and the shift work we have to deal with on a daily basis. It is nice to learn new tips and tricks on how to get healthy with the struggles of shift work, sleep, work out regimens, and eating healthier during work. Please keep doing what your doing, your podcasts are very relatable to other officers! 👮🏼⚫️🔵⚫️ stay safe!