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Take action

I was introduced to Marc yesterday during a webinar that focused on Officer fitness. What he delivered was much more that I expected. This morning while drinking my morning coffee, I listened to a podcast episode and took away an action step that I am going to implement with my leadership team. I t…

Good stuff

Positive, upbeat, motivating, and informative!

Awesome Podcast

Hi Marc, Your podcast is so inspiring and energetic! You are an amazing speaker! I get so pumped when I hear you speak about health /fitness for the body and mind. Your guest speaker was also inspiring simply because I can relate to her being a LEO wife for so many years before retirement. I’ll…

Great motivational podcast

All first responders should listen to this podcast. Great guests and every motivational. Thank you Marc.

Emotional Matrix

Outstanding possible cast another great guest !! Keep them coming. Marc !!!

Great podcast

Marc is very knowledgeable & professional. This podcast is so great for first responders & the rest of us other fellow human beings too!

Baby EMT in training

I’m two weeks into EMT training and I’m so excited and also intimidated AF!! Be prepping for this for a few Months and I’m so glad I found this podcast . Would love to connect more with this group . Thanks for putting these out for us !!

Great Podcast

Coach Marc definitely knows his stuff! I’d absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in the field of fitness/nutrition especially if you’re a first responder.

Awesome and very informative

I enjoy the structured format of the program. Host obviously tries hard to be efficient and organized with everything in his life. Very motivating!!!

Amazing resource keep up the great work!

Heard about you and your resources including this podcast on Watch Your Six podcast. Since then I have subscribed to this podcast and have been binge listening ever since! You have great resources and my wife and I (both first responders) love hearing your message in each episode. Perfect length to…

First responder fitness

Great podcast! I listen to it every morning and it's it's just the right motivation I need. Marc has created a podcast that tends to the needs of first responders specifically law enforcement. I believe he's just the right coach I need to succeed in my fitness goals.

I absolutely love this podcast. As an LEO we live a different life than most and getting health and fitness advice from another LEO is very helpful!! He knows what we are going through and follows through in his own life.


Down and dirty. Quick and simple. Great advice from someone who really cares about first responders and their health. Thanks Marc!!!

Excellent podcast

Marc has done his homework and provides excellent information on fitness, nutrition, and other related topics. This podcast is definitely worth your time!


Really enjoying these podcasts. They are about the perfect length for a short commute or drive to the gym. Really motivating and alot of really good information. I also like that Marc understands the issues (health and lifestyle) that first responders face.

Great Information!

Coach Mark is great. Listening to the podcast has been great and giving great information to make a big difference in fitness. I currently am a paramedic-firefighter and looking into LEO. this has been a great way to get me back on the right path.

Good stuff

I have been listening to these podcasts and following Marc's posts on Facebook for a couple weeks now, and I have to say that I am very impressed. The information he provides in the quick podcasts is top notch, and he has experience doing things the hard way from a law enforcement perspective of tr…

Great information!

Marc does a great job breaking things down. Speaks clear as well! Will listen to more!

Great for first responders!

One of the only Podcasts I listen to. Appreciate your wise words and help, Mark. Keep doing what you're doing.

Life changing

Not only are his podcasts invigorating but his voice is soothing yet inspiring. Coach Marc has outdone himself yet again. Thanks Coach Marc!!!

Finally, someone who understands our reality

So many fitness suggestions have no application to first responders because they rely on a schedule that provides time for routine, meal prep, etc. Marc understands there is nothing routine about our lives and provides fitness advice we can actually use. This has been needed for a long time. Great …


Coach Marc is the best. I was able to lose 40 lbs with him in 12 weeks and have now kept it off for a little better then a year this guy is the real deal.


If u are looking for great example and help getting started on the health track this is the Man U need to see. He is a great leader and someone that anytime of the day u can ask a question he is going to help u. Please see him to get your life back on track.

Very informative!

These podcasts give awesome information on several different topics that should be used to teach and live by. I have learned things I wasn't aware of which have been a great help in helping me attain my goals. Thanks to Coach Marc!!

Coach Marc Hildebrand=a great inspiration

I teamed up with my husband on January 4, 2016 to get healthy. We both have been truly inspired by Marc. Everything he does as a coach is so helpful, the podcasts, videos, messages and replies on our team page are real motivators! I've always been on and off the healthy bandwagon, but I feel this …


He knows what he's talking about. Has a ton of great information and is more than will to help anyone who will give him their time. I'm glad I came across this program!

First Responder Fitness

I am really enjoying your podcasts so far. I love how it relates to law enforcement and the shift work we have to deal with on a daily basis. It is nice to learn new tips and tricks on how to get healthy with the struggles of shift work, sleep, work out regimens, and eating healthier during work. P…

Mind Body Spirit

I've heard and read tons of literature on fitness but nothing tailored to our career of odd hours, having to make tough decisions on whether to sleep or workout and best eating options/plans. If you are truly serious about achieving the best Mind, Body, Spirit balance, I recommend Mark's podcast.


I am not a first responder, I am an Educator, and I have enjoyed listening to the Podcasts. I have little time working two jobs and twelve hour days make it difficult for extra anything! So listening as I drive to work is great! I enjoy Marks sense of humor, he has a Broadcaster type voice and is c…

Train on your commute to work

I began my fitness journey with Coach Marc earlier this year. All of his phone calls and videos are great, but now with his podcast, I can make the most of my daily commute and get in a little personal development along the way.

Thank You SO Much!!

Thank you for taking the time to make these for us! As well as keeping them free! You know a public servant's salary is another barrier to health!! I need all the motivation I can muster some days! The Forensic Psychology degree can only go so far...

Marc is a great resource of knowledge

I have known Marc for years and he is constantly trying to better himself by learning more about health and fitness, then turning around and paying it forward by sharing it with others with webinars, videos, and now podcasts. He is truly amazing, genuinely wants to help out as many people as he can…

The real deal!

I met Coach Hildebrand two years ago. He offered me FREE fitness and health advice. He is a great guy who puts himself out there for his clients. His methods work, he is living proof.

Awesome Podcast

Marc has done an amazing job on this new podcast series. It’s professional and has great content. I look forward to hearing future broadcasts.

First Responder Fitness

Coach Marc has been a real inspiration to my fitness goals. I really look forward to all of the podcast along with the other sources of info he pushed out.

Straight and to the point!!

I just listened to the first four podcasts and I have to say, I enjoyed them so much I was looking for more! Each podcast is short and sweet - they get right to the point and cover what the title of the podcast is talking about. So many podcasts have turned me off because it's just someone rambli…

Great Info

Coach Marc has taken a hectic life and figured out a way to make fitness and nutrition a way of life. Being a First responder my self I have found his Coaching and information as a mentor and a Friend to be helpful and inspirational during the tough times. Keep up the great work Coach!

A Great Coach

I have been a fan of Beach Body programs including all four of the P90X series of workouts as well as T25. Marc has been my Facebook coach through a couple of them providing lots of encouragement, help and "tips and tricks" as he says in his first podcast. He is great at promptly responding to emai…

Great podcast!

Awesome podcast by Coach Marc. Very informative and he knows what he's talking about! Can't wait for more

Great Fitness Mind

I have known Marc for 3 years and he has been a continuous force for good in my fitness journey. Always approachable and knowledgeable Marc has the tools to help you succeed in health and business. Highly recommended!

Love the Podcasts

Coach Marc is so inspirational. He is the whole package. By hard work and motivation he has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. I have enjoyed his webinars. Now the podcasts are easy to listen to when I have down time. He talks about your entire lifestyle i.e.: exercise, nutrition, sleep, work…

Incredibly helpful!

Coach Marc provides inspiration and useful information that can be used by anyone looking to get or stay on the right track towards being healthy. The best part is that everything he shares comes from his own experience and hearing about his successful journey is very motivating :)

A Balanced Approach to Fitness and Good Health

I was introduced to Coach Marc over two years ago; I am thankful for his coaching and encouragement in my constant quest for physical fitness and good health. Coach Marc will assist you with a variety of balanced tools so that you can be encouraged as you seek to improve your level of physical fit…

Hildebrand is a Solid Guy!

Bottom line you need someone that has the discipline, the experience, and the dedication to help you with your journey. It's potentially OCD when it comes to health, but if you need change in your life, Hildebrand gives you great ideas and tools to accomplish that change. Ultimately it's up to the …

Coach Marc Hildebrand!

Thanks to Coach Marc Hildebrand, I am in the best shape of my life in 8 years!! He has helped lose 30 pounds in which I am still going, and he keeps me motivated with his support groups! It's so awesome that he cares about other people and their fitness! If you want a new healthy lifestyle, Marc wi…

Student/Peer/First Responder

Coach Marc has definitely made me change the way I look at my health, fitness, and well being both on and off duty! Glad to be part of his team.

If you care about your health, subscribe.

The information given is invaluable. The price, is unbeatable and he really cares. I would have never imagined this type of information was available without hiring a personal trainer. THANK YOU MARC!!! I've learned how to target specific areas during workouts and tips to help balance eating an…


I love this podcast because it helps first responders get healthy. With highly stressful jobs, poor eating habits, and very little time to exercise, first responders now have a resources like Marc to help them get through those hurtles. Whether you’re a first responder yourself or a spouse of a fir…

Great job coach

I love your videos and now I have some Personal development I can listen to on my commute! Thank you for taking the time to do this!! Very much appreciated!!

Put this in your tools of knowledge

The podcasts are short but to the point. I was able to relate to everything Marc spoke about as I am in the same line of work. Like any podcast, download all the episodes and begin to listen. It's likely you won't skip to the next one as each one is informative and will add to your knowledge of car…

First Responder Fitness

If you are on the edge about getting healthier and looking for help, look no farther. Marc is a great coach that knows what he is talking about from food to sleep to workouts. Follow his podcasts if you want to live a healthier life!