3 Simple Tips For Becoming A More Patient Parent with Larry Hagner from The Dad Edge Podcast

Have you ever had trouble with being more patient?

How about being patient with your kids?

If you're anything like me, patience doesn't happen naturally... but you know what happens if we DON'T work on it, right?

It's called disconnection, which is the opposite of what I want, especially when it comes to my relationship with my kids.

Having struggled with patience for decades, and hearing from so many people this is their kryptonite too, I've asked parenting expert Larry Hagner to come on LIVE and share 3 simple yet powerful tips for becoming a more patient parent.

Larry has been an integral mentor in my life when it comes to having better relationships with my wife and kids, and his literally written the book on this stuff.

I cannot wait for you to experience not only the simplicity he brings to patience, but also his authenticity and desire to help every parent on the planet!

During this live call, we will break down these 3 tips into bit sized, simple strategies that will have you being more patient before the end of the call.

If you're looking for a way to take control of your patience so you never lose your cool again, be sure and subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell, and then join us LIVE on January 24th at 8 am Pacific (10 am Central)!

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