Uncovering the Signs: Is It Time to Leave Your Job?

Is it time to leave or quit your job?

What are the signs that it's time???

Whether you're looking to leave to another job/career that is more fulfilling or pays you more...

Or maybe you want to jump ship altogether and start a business so you never have to work for someone else ever again (FREEDOM, Let's Go!!)...

You might be hesitating, wondering if this is the right move for you.

Maybe you don't know if it's the right time???

Or if you should even leave the security of your J O B right now???

I mean, isn't that selfish? Reckless? What about your family?

THAT is the topic of this LIVE call!

We want to help you uncover the signs: and help you discover if it's time to leave your job.

AND, we want to share some strategy with you if you decide now is the right time!

(And if you decide it's NOT the time, we want to help you decide that too since we only want you to do what's best for YOU)

Having both left our careers early (Marc left LAPD early and Teresa left her corporate job at UCLA Medical Center) we struggled with these thoughts for far too long.

And if we had more clarity sooner, we would have been able to make our decision much earlier too.

Which is what we want for you. To merely have all the information to make a decision.

And no matter what decision you make, we want you to feel sound in that decision, AND help you with the roadmap to get there.

So how do you get this info and make the call?

First, be sure and subscribe to this Modern Leadership YT channel, turn on notifications by clicking the bell button, and then join us on Saturday March 11th at 9 AM pacific!

Make sure you save this YouTube link and put it in your calendar, because when it comes to this important of a decision, you want as much help and direction as possible.

We've got you!!!

So pumped to see you all then!

(To learn more about how we can help on a 1:1 basis, fill out the application at https://www.mindsetwithmarc.com/apply and we will reach out shortly!)


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