Why Thinking That Success Is Up to You Is Hurting You

The thought that success is up to you is actually hurting you.

I get it. You've been told to "take ownership" and I totally agree with that advice.

But taking it to the Nth degree to where success is only up to you, is most likely not helping your future.

I was having a conversation recently with someone who reminded me that this thought never served me when I used to think it too.

Thinking that success was up to me was actually hurting me.

Now I'm not saying that everyone is going to feel this same way, but after having thousands of coaching calls where this topic has come up, I've found the majority of time it actually gets us off track even though it might feel great when we say it.

Think about it like this... If it's up to you, it's so easy to convince yourself to go at it alone.

And if you're alone, you're stuck doing what you've always done.

Which means you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.

Before you know it, your belief in yourself drops to an all time low... But it has noting to do with your potential.

It was just the "story" you were telling yourself.

You had to go at it alone because its only up to you.

Only that isn't true. Its just a thought.

Which is why I created todays' video, because we need to dive into this story that "Success is up to you" and come up with a NEW story that actually serves us.

If you're ready to do that with me today, let's go!


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