Modern Leadership: The Podcast

Modern Leadership: The Podcast

This is the Modern Leadership podcast. We look at things differently. If you've ever wondered how some leaders seem to get more done with less effort, create a massive amount of influence, or excel in multiple areas without having to sacrifice what's most important, it has nothing to do with them being special unicorns. They just look at things differently. Our goal of this podcast is to help you see things through your Modern Leader lens. When you do that, it will change not only how you see the world, but how the world sees you. If it's time to get started, dive in. Thanks for listening. It's time to reach your full potential.

Recent Episodes

Microcast: How Leaders Earn The Right To Lead

Nov. 24, 2022

Do you know what it takes to EARN the right to lead? What if I told you that most of you have already done that, even though you think you haven't? Today, I want to share what that actually looks like, so you can see if you …

Why Leaders Must Be Great At Quitting

Nov. 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered when the right time to quit something was as a leader? What if I told you this decision is one of the most important ones you could make, not just for yourself but for those you lead? Today I want to s…

Microcast: How Do Leaders Improve Team Dynamics And Performance?

Nov. 17, 2022

If you truly want to have a "well oiled" team, it's time to take ownership of your team performance and dynamics. When they work well together, things will be much more smooth, and like the Navy Seals say... Smooth is FAST! …

Modern Leadership: The Podcast - It's About Time!

Nov. 15, 2022

This is the Modern Leader Podcast. We see things differently. Our actions, behavior and thoughts impact others on a bigger scale. This means we must look at things through our Modern Leader lens. Today, we tackle the idea o…

Do You Need To Sacrifice In Order To See Success As A Leader?

Nov. 14, 2022

Do you need to sacrifice yourself to get ahead as a leader? If you don't sacrifice, does that mean you're leaving "results" on the table? Many people never take the time to see this through their "leadership lens." If you're…

Microcast: How Can Leadership Help You In Life

Nov. 10, 2022

John Maxwell taught me that leadership is about influence, nothing more, nothing less. So what other areas could influence help you? If you said everywhere, you're right. I want to share how that's actually possible, starti…