About Marc


Marc Hildebrand is a husband, father, best selling author, co-creator of the PUSH Coach Certification School, life and legacy coach for entrepreneurs, and former Law Enforcement Sergeant from LAPD who grappled through leadership struggles for decades.


After discovering what was truly holding him back he was able to lead himself to a 100 pound weight loss, build a success coaching business that gave him the freedom to retire early from LAPD, and create a home and work life more aligned with the LEGACY he wanted to create.


For the last 11 years Marc has been coaching business leaders like you develop the influence and confidence you need to build your successful personal AND professional life without sacrificing family time or burning yourself out.


Teresa Hildebrand is a certified master life coach, mom of two, wife, creator of the C.H.I Method, and the host of the podcast Organized Chaos. While working full time managing sustainability programs and balancing being a wife and mother, Teresa’s own life was one of burnout. But when an invitation to add an intense fitness challenge to the mix revealed an untapped source of energy; she found fulfillment in her work, a healthy relationship with herself, and energy left to be present with her family.

Now she coaches mompreneurs like herself use an organizational approach to create sustainable harmony between work and home life, and tap into their inner C.H.I.



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