May 3, 2016

FRF 002 : How to get your mindset right and stay consistent to the end

Staying consistent by changing your mindset

Mindset controls everything. If you get your mindset right, your body, your health, and your success will fall in alignment.

Generally two reasons why you don't succeed.

(1) You find out it really isn't for you, you don't enjoy it, or you don't see yourself doing it for the long term.

(2) You mindset isn't in the right place, because you don't realize how bad you want it (Or you really don't want it bad enough).

The book I talk about in this episode is "The Slight Edge" By Jeff Olson.

Finally, figure out your "Why."

Do that by asking "Why" 5 times, and digging deep to find it. Then do something every single day, to remind yourself of why you started.

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