July 28, 2016

FRF 028 : Don't Compare Yourself To Others In Any Form

Stop comparing yourself to other people's highlight reels

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July 25, 2016

FRF 027 : 10X The Amount Of Action You're Taking

10X your actions, will produce 100X your results

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July 21, 2016

FRF 026 : What A Complete Health And Fitness Plan Looks Like

You've got to know what's important before choosing a complete fitness program

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July 18, 2016

FRF 025 : Multiply Your Time Versus Multi Tasking

Why multiplying your time, is far better than multi tasking.

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July 14, 2016

FRF 024 : Exercise Timing, Over Training, and When To Change Up Your …

Rapid Fire First Responder Fitness Fitness Questions Answered

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July 11, 2016

FRF 023 : When You Want To Improve Something, Do This!

Track what you want to improve

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July 7, 2016

FRF 022 : Criticism Is A Sign Of Success

Bring On The Criticism PLEASE!

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July 4, 2016

FRF 021 : Two Parts To Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Tactics and Mindset, learn what I'm talking about in this episode

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June 30, 2016

FRF 020 : The REAL Reason - The Excuse Buster

It's time to get punched in the gut, because this is why you're making excuses

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June 27, 2016

FRF 019 : Don’t Let Other People Pull You Down

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

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June 23, 2016

FRF 018 : Be Unreasonable

Being unreasonable, is the new reasonable

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June 20, 2016

FRF 017 : Intermittent Fasting (IF)

This is the new diet craze, fasting for longer than 8 hours

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June 16, 2016

FRF 016 : How To Get Your Significant Other Involved In Health & Fitn…

Learn what you should and shouldn't do to get the ones you love healthy

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June 13, 2016

FRF 015 : Supplement FAQ

Learn what supplements you need, and what you're wasting money on

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June 6, 2016

FRF 013 : Get a Quick (and Free) Win For Your Health

Start your fitness journey as a first responder here, for completely free

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June 2, 2016

FRF 012 : Raise Your Standards to Reach Your Goals

Find out what it means to raise your standards.

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May 30, 2016

FRF 011 : Failure, Struggle and Sacrifice

Painful words to embrace!

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May 23, 2016

FRF 009 : How To Feel Full and Avoid Overeating

How to stop feeling hungry all the time

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May 19, 2016

FRF 008 : Why We Make Good (or Bad) Decisions

This is how we make decisions, for better or for worse

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May 16, 2016

FRF 007 : Meal Preparation FAQs

Meal Prep Tips for LEOs and First Responders

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May 12, 2016

FRF 006 : Overcoming excuses BEFORE they happen

Stop excuses in their tracks

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May 9, 2016

FRF 005 : Time Management System For First Responders And Our Crazy B…

Time Management for LEOs and First Responder

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